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Inauguration of Compendium of CERC Regulations
Guests, Lectures & Participants in one frame
Inauguration of workshop
CE(SLDC) welcoming MD(TRANSCO)
Respected Chief Engineer SLDC welcoming Hon'ble Guests
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Last Updated on : 28-09-2023

SLDC wins Order Of Merit SKOCH Award


1st SLDC in country to commission Inverter & Turbine telemetry of Renewable Power Stations



Shri Rajesh Gupta SE(LD:E&T) received the award in ceremony conducted at Constitutional Club ofI ndia(CCI) New Delhi. The Managing Director of MPPTCL- Shri PAR Bende and Chief Engineer SLDC,Shri KK Prabhakar have congratulated  all the officers and employees on the occasion.

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